About Us


The name Thirty Ninth Parallel represents the line of latitude that the historical Mason-Dixon Line of the South runs on, the 39th parallel. The company was started by two brothers that wanted to create a pair of sunglass straps that had style and practicality. The traditional neoprene straps on the market were okay but lacked creativity and would eventually fall apart when used fishing, hunting, hiking, or regular use outdoors at the beach, lake, or playing sports. Through months of brainstorming and product development, we created the TNP sunglass strap that offers needle point style stitching that is a machine-woven cotton-poly blend with leather ends to hold your sunglasses. This sunglass strap is like nothing else on the market, is light weight, durable, and comes in a ton of awesome designs! As the pioneer of this style of sunglass strap we are very proud to change the market and offer Southern Quality and Style Parallel to None!